Lions of Lyon

Lions of Lyon

Four little lion cubs desperately need your help.  All only a few months old, they were taken from their mothers and found in terrible suffering – battling the pain of glaucoma, extreme hair loss, skin irritations and diarrhoea.

Shockingly, these cubs discovered in France, were found in captive conditions no animal should ever be subjected to – an apartment, a garage, even a Lamborghini.  Selfishly being kept as pets and deprived their life in the wild.

The cubs are currently in temporary accommodation in Lyon, but our intentions are to give them a permanent home at our big cat rescue centre in South Africa, where they will receive lifetime care in a safe, spacious and enriching environment, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Africa.

This is the biggest lion relocation in our 35-year history, but these four cubs are probably the smallest we have helped- will you help to give this urban pride a life worth living.

We are raising funds for the relocation of the lions back to Africa, should we fulfil this commitment, all additional donations will support their life time care and/or future rescues.

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