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Adopt Roque the tiger

Roque (‘Rocky’) was a tiny cub when taken from his mother and put on sale in a Spanish pet-shop. We rescued the scared cub and today this magnificent tiger lives in a jungle enclosure at our sanctuary in India. He’ll always rely on us.

So please help provide his daily food and care. Pack now includes free cuddly toy.

£2.50 per month


Adopt Jasper the Tiger

Jasper is a male tiger born in October 1998. He was confiscated from a wildlife trader in the Snoul Kratie Province of east Cambodia. He was less than a month old and it is thought that poachers killed his mother.

The trader was taking Jasper to Vietnam, a transit point to Taiwan, China and Japan, when a forestry official from the Wildlife Protection Office (WPO) apprehended the trader and confiscated the tiger.

The cub was taken to a rescue centre just outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Care for the Wild immediately sent vets, supplies and medicines for the malnourished cub. As Jasper was removed from the wild at such a young age he can never return to the wild and so we have pledged long-term support for his care.

£2.50 per month