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Adopt Dolo the lion

Dolo was kept on a 1m chain in a wooden shack. Emaciated and lonely, his mane was rubbed off by the chain.

Dolo now shares a bush enclosure with Safia the lioness, at Born Free’s rescue centre in Ethiopia.

Help ensure he gets the food and care he needs.

£2.50 per month


Adopt Sinbad and Achee the lions

Sinbad is beautiful and friendly, but half the size of a normal lion! He was rescued from a cramped and rusty cage in a Romanian zoo. This little lion with a big heart now has a new life at our sanctuary in South Africa.

In June 2015 a wonderful day dawned for lonely Sinbad when he was introduced to the female lioness Achee. She had been rescued from a snowy car-park in Romania back in 2004 and for ten years shared a spacious enclosure with another lioness called Ma Juah, rescued from a concrete pit in Liberia.

Help ensure they gets the food and loving care they need. Pack now includes free cuddly toy.

£2.50 per month


Adopt Shada the lioness

Shada revels in the freedom of her enclosure at our sanctuary in South Africa. For years she lived in a rusty cage at a circus in France, gazing pitifully through the bars. Now her life has been transformed.

Adopt this lioness and help provide her daily food and care.

£2.50 per month