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Adopt Chinoise the baby chimp

When Chinoise the baby chimp was just a few weeks old her mother was killed by poachers and she was sold as a pet to a Chinese restaurant in Douala, Cameroon.  Luckily she was rescued by Limbe Wildlife Centre. Help us care for her there.

Adopt Chinoise and help provide her daily food and care.

£2.50 per month


Adopt Sara the baby chimp

Sara was sickly and terrified when she was confiscated from a wildlife trader in South Sudan, who tried to sell her as a pet. Luckily she was rescued and thanks to the loving expert care of Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary in Uganda, she began to recover.

She's beginning to enjoy the company of rescued baby chimps, but now she needs you! Please adopt this tiny baby and help provide the food and care she needs.

£2.50 per month