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Polar Bear Adoption

The Hudson Bay Polar Bears live on Canada's Arctic coast. These awesome 'ice bears' are perfectly adapted for 'life in the freezer', but climate change is a big problem.

Help us monitor their behaviour and protect them in the wild. Pack now includes free cuddly toy.

£2.50 per month


Adopt Ginny the moon bear

Gentle Ginny lives at a bear sanctuary in SW China. She was rescued from a cruel bear farm where she was painfully ‘milked’ for bile, used in Asian medicine. Today she has recovered and enjoys her bamboo forest, pool and climbing frames.

Help give her the special care she deserves.

£2.50 per month


Adopt Kyriakos the Brown Bear

Kyriakos, an amazing brown bear who lives at Arcturos Bear Sanctuary in northern Greece.

Kyriakos was born in the wild in January 2004, in the forest of Kastoria in northern Greece. He was orphaned when only four months old. He would have had little chance of survival without her care as naturally bears stay with their mothers for their first two and a half years. Fortunately he was taken in by a kind-hearted shepherd who cared for him as best he could for a few months, and then got in touch with Arcturos to give him a home. Although the shepherd did a remarkable job to save the cub's life, sadly he is now too used to humans to be released back to the wild. But for bears, Arcturos is the next best thing!

£2.50 per month